Marketing! The Pulse of Your Real Estate Business

In order to be successful as a real estate investor or basically in any other market, you must know how to market. Marketing is the pulse of your business, without a pulse, you flat-line and you DIE, no really, you are dead, or you might as well be because you aren’t doing anything in the business. You can be a newbie investor or a weathered one but if you “act” busy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doing the things that count to increase your leads.MARKETING IS LIFE. You are not a real estate investor, well not precisely; real estate is just your vessel, your means of becoming financially independent. In essence you are a marketer. Learn this craft well; study it day in and day out. You must become the World’s Greatest Marketer, but in your farm area first. Baby steps, come on!! All of you insist on getting coaching, products, courses and real estate books. Those are all good and well but what about marketing? When does that come into play? Invest in some marketing books, they go a long way, even if they are in a different market, they all have great ideas and useful techniques to put into good use.I use many different types of marketing strategies on a day to day basis, but what helped me the most which I highly, highly recommend is… Guerrilla Marketing!! That is right, how I launched myself onto the scene was with several subtle but extremely creative and powerful Guerrilla tactics that can help any investor, especially the newbie investor. Oh man, I felt like a little boy at Christmas once I started getting my phone to ring off the hook!Shhhh, do not say anything, but what I am about to share with you are some of my secret, but really not so secret techniques that helped me get my phone ringing off the hook!! With this approach you can make $10,000 within the next thirty days if you start right now! Unfortunately some of the strategies I used involved hitting the streets, that’s right… you have to hit the pavement and I mean hard, hard like “curbing” as in American History X hard. Uncomfortable going out and about, well you might as well stay comfortable in your lousy life. In order to succeed you have to just do what it takes, remember, pain is only temporary but victory is forever.As I was saying, yellow signs, the oh so lovable 18″ by 24″ yellow corrugated plastic, how I loathe thee. Two ways to use them, the first is to attract sellers and the second is to attract buyers. Like anything else in the world, this is a numbers game and you must stay persistent. Every month, if your budget allows for it, shoot to purchase 300 yellow 18×24 corrugated signs, a pole stapler and either a red or black “KING” sharpie. You are going to write on 200 of them:WE BUY HOUSESFAST FOR CASHXXX-XXX-XXXXEvery week you will place 50 signs in high density areas, but use common sense guys. Do not put these signs on a highway!!! You are most definitely going to cause a car accident but most importantly you aren’t going to get any calls. For every 50 signs you put out, you will get around 5 calls of the highest motivated seller you will come into contact with, but in the end it will only result in a deal or two which is very good.At the same time, you grab the left over 100 signs and write:HANDYMAN SPECIAL!!HOUSE 4 SALEMUST SELL QUICKXXX-XXX-XXXXOr,CHEAP HOUSE 4 SALE4 BEDS/ 2 BATHSMUST SELL QUICKXXX-XXX-XXXXMost of you at this point are going to whine, “But Lou, I do not have a house to sell, isn’t that wrong?” After I am done smacking you, I will remind you that you are a Guerrilla Ninja and that you need to have an ever expanding Cash Buyers List. The beauty of this is that you will get tons and tons of calls, I mean tons. About 40% are tire kickers, 40% retail buyers, 10% wholesalers and 10% legitimate CASH BUYERS!!!!So once you have a deal under your belt you can quickly call and email the cash buyers to sell it quick! And since you placed all these signs in the same area, you will not have an issue matching them up to a property that they want. Also, since you have gotten in touch with some of the local wholesalers, try to get one of the deals they have and Joint Venture with them. It is the quickest way to make $1,500 and up for being the matchmaker between the two. And the more Cash Buyers you talk to, the more confidence you will have in shooting them out a deal when you are on a friendly basis with all these wholesalers. Wholesalers may be a little hard to get through the first time around but trust me, they only care about one thing and that is moving a property, and moving it quickly.But wait, there is more, I highly recommend you save all those phone numbers you receive so that you can market to them in different ways. It does not matter if the calls are coming from either Seller signs or Buyer signs, but save them and you can market to them as well. But those strategies are for another time. Anyway, this was a quick but simple overview of one of my favorite Guerilla Marketing methods, the Yellow Sign.Cheers!P.S. If you want to get some cheap signs I recommend you going to, they are very inexpensive there as opposed to the local sign shop.If you want some great books as well, I highly recommend the following books:- Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Levinson- Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz- Selling The Invisible by Harry Beckwith- Do It by David Newman

Realtor Websites – How to Promote Real Estate Business Online?

The internet is an effective mode to promote real estate business. You can design a website of your own to boost your business and increase your customer base.Did you know that having well-designed realtor websites or agent websites can go a long way in boosting your real estate business? Statistics reveal that almost 90% searches related to realty hunts initiate online. A growing number of prospective buyers now depend on the virtual world to find agents through websites for realtors. The reason is simple. Online searches for these websites for realtors are convenient and less time consuming.The online media is an effective mode of advertisement. So, you could make your realty business prosper by making the most of the agent websites. While conducting a search for property, potential clients first resort to some well-known search engine to get the websites for realtors. So, by the right kind of optimization, you can actually make your target customers come to you. If your realtor websites can make it to the first page of the search engine’s results, you have an edge over the thousand others.Make your realtor websites rich with relevant information. Make them attractive so that they catch the eyes of your customers. There are various software firms that render useful service by designing websites for realtors. Moreover a bit of innovation on your part could result in wonderful results. For instance, you can create blogs and forums to support your agent websites or use them to link back to your realtor websites. This will drive in more traffic to the sites.You can even use public forums and social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook for your real estate business. Statistics say that there are almost 300 million dynamic Facebook users whom you can reach with an effective online marketing plan. By creating the right links, you can connect the users with your agent websites.You can have clients sign up for newsletters in the agent websites. You could also have the feature for comments and reviews so that those who visit the site can benefit from them. Keep in mind that you are not the only player in the field and there are thousands of agents with thousands of realtor websites. So, be tactful in your marketing strategies. Make the agent websites as distinctive as possible.However, if you do not want to invest in a website of your own, you could advertise your business in the public websites for realtors. But the flexibility and personal touch of your own realtor websites will be missing in them.

Scope of IT Industry in Real Estate Business

Real estate business is spread all over the world in great extent. In today’s world most of the people prefer to use online services. That’s why online real estate business is flourishing and lots of deals are happening online. There is great scope of IT industry in real estate business. Each company now wants to develop their own business website to promote their products and services. Most companies hire IT industry for designing and building their website,because every companies owner wants to make their websites attractive, eye catching and provide lots of informative and useful information. So that they become search engine friendly websites and comes top of search engine results and because of this many people would visit their websites and uses services provided by them. IT industry plays a very important role in developing real estate websites whose content is unique, original and fresh.A website design is very important feature for the promotion of your business or services.Nowadays competition between estate companies is increasing day by day. Everyone wants that their website to become top on the search engine results. As lots of deals are happening online, there are also a lot of prospective investors looking to make worthy investments. Real estate companies now hire IT companies that not only develop their website but also provide search engine optimization and search engine marketing services. If you have your website on the top of the search results you can be sure that the visitors would be in large amounts. This will not only increase the number of people,but also increase the value of their brand name. Search engine optimization is the best way of improving and enhancing their business by greater visibility on the search engine results list. It is the formula for a successful online career, improving the relevancy and structure of the site to increase traffic and eventually revenueIT companies provides many services for your real estate websites like search engine optimization, internet marketing services, PPC, SMO services. Always choose the right IT industry or company for your business because a good IT company can take you the heights of the success. As business grows, the scope of the IT industry in real estate business also grows.